The Smith farm has been in the family since 1953. Originally a dairy farm, the Smiths began raising pigs on their quarter section near Argyle, Manitoba in 1967. During the 80s and 90s, as pork production became concentrated in huge hog barns across Manitoba and the rest of North America, the Smith farm stayed small, mixed, humane and environmentally friendly.

Today the farm is home to about 200 to 250 pigs, not to mention cows, chickens and horses. It is a truly mixed farm. On this farm you will NOT find the animals confined in 2 foot by 7 foot stalls, nor will you find pigs living on straw-less, slatted metal or concrete floors above a pool of their own waste which is how most large hog operations are these days.

We grow our own barley with green clover and as a result you get a wholesome feed, a richer soil and a cleaner environment. Which in turn produces NATURAL PORK, a healthier meat product.

Since 1999 the Smith farm has held a Canadian Quality Assurance Certification. To meet the CQA requirements, a Vet comes out every 3rd year followed by 2 years of the farm submitting production records to the Vet. If the CQA Vet recommends CQA validation he sends the paperwork to the Manitoba Pork Council for approval.

We started selling sides of pork in the fall of 2003. In early 2004 the farm was inspected, and passed certification by the Winnipeg Humane Society.
I am proud to be producing the most consistent, highest quality natural pork in the industry.

History of Argyle
Town of ARGYLE has its population about 100. It was surveyed in 1872 and the first settlers came from Argyleshire, Scotland, in the late 1870s. The first school was built in 1880. Argyle was connected to Winnipeg by rail in 1910. In 2003,the Brant-Argyle School, one of the consolidated schools in Manitoba, and the best example of its style, was designated a provincial historic site. It was built in 1914.

Argyle is a small hamlet located in the Canadian province of Manitoba (about 45 km NW of WINNIPEG). Argyle is in Manitoba's Interlake Region, adjacent to the Municipality of Rockwood and approximately 30 km from Manitoba's capital, Winnipeg. Nearby are the towns of Stonewall, Balmoral, Teulon, Grosse Isle, Gunton, Rosser, Stony Mountain and Selkirk.