Pork is sold by the Side or Whole Pig

Cut and packaged to your specifications

Cut and packaged

▪ Smoked Hams
▪ Bacon (smoked and sliced)
▪ Pork Chops
▪ Butt & Shoulder Roasts
▪ Ribs
▪ Hocks
▪ Sausages

Options of Cuts

• Leg Roasts
• Loin Roasts
• Back Ribs
• Picnic Ham
• Tenderloin
• Ham Steaks
• Canadian Back Bacon
• Butt Steaks
• Ground Pork

Options of Sausages

• Farmer Sausage Patties
• Farmer Sausage
• Breakfast Patties
• Regular Smokies
• Garlic w/Cheese Smokies
• Jalapeno & Cheddar Smokies
• Garlic Coil Sausage
• Kubi Dogs
• English Bangers
• Salami
• Pepperoni
• Breakfast Sausage
• Mild Italian Sausage
• Dinner Sausage

  • Each order is professionally cut & individually double wrapped.
  • Each package is marked with its content.
  • Meat is not injected with water to add weight
* Custom orders welcome & FREE DELIVERY (depending on location) *


TThe Winnipeg Humane Society Certified program promotes humane farming practices that assure animals a decent quality of life.

Independently Inspected
Inspectors operating independently of the Winnipeg Humane Society. Canadian regulations do not require animal welfare inspections of
livestock farms.
No Hormones or Antibiotics
No hormones or antibiotics added to the feed. The inclusion of antibiotics in feed is standard practice in the pork industry for promoting growth
and preventing disease in confined and crowded groups of animals.
No Chronic Confinement
Sufficient space for animals to live a more natural life. Most sows in Manitoba are confined for most of their lives inside metal stalls just 2 feet
wide by 7 feet long.
Housed on Straw
Animals must be housed on straw or other natural materials and have access to natural light. Manitoba's large hog barns have steel or concrete floors with no straw, only slats to drain excrement into cesspools below.
Professional Farm
Must pass inspection by a member of the Independent Organic Inspectors Association, an international body of professional farm.